The office which combines research services-culture and art groups- women and youth groups- political, social office began its activities under the Office of Cultural Studies in 2000 and currently consists of two fields of education and research and technology and cultural activities that it does.
The office works under the Research Deputy and includes eight professional groups with the following titles:
1. Education group
2. Higher education and research group
3. Culture and art group
4. Cultural heritage and tourism group
5. Family and women group
6. Youth and sports group
7. Islamic propaganda and guidance group
8. Communications and media group.

Organizational structure of the office is composed of the director’s office, heads of community groups, consultants of the office and groups, researchers, research assistants and technician. The office shall perform the following tasks and duties commensurate with existing groups in the office:
1. Expert review of proposals and bills that are presented to the parliament
2. Necessary studies and preparing and drafting laws that as bills are presented to the parliament through representatives
3. Regulatory reports about legal gaps or weaknesses in law enforcement
4. Participate in meetings of the Commission and its specialized committees to provide advice and respond to the requests of Commission
5. Communicate with experts and create a network of scientific and experienced advisors to meet the needs of Parliament, the Commission and representatives
6. Holding scientific meetings and seminars
7. Joint meetings with the executive agencies for close up expert views and reduce differences in levels of decision making
8. Continuous communication with civil society organizations and NGOs for awareness of the views of interest groups in drafting bills and also their participation in the legislative process and oversight
9. Reports on progress and achievements and results of activities to the deputy research
10. Answer questions and respond to the representatives’ requests
11. Annual and five annual performance evaluation reports of executive agencies for the regulatory function of Parliament
12. Reports or suggestions about the issues and research and practical topics and present to the representatives in order to fix problems with.