The office of economic studies aims to study in order to give expert and advisory opinions to the representatives and commissions on all bills at the proper time, study and research to the good performance of the rules and submitting expert proposal to remove obstacles and difficulties.
Office Structure
1. Director
Serious duties of the office of economic studies that included the director’s responsibilities are as follows:
- Preparing the ground for preparation and implementation of research and study projects about issues raised by the Speaker, board of trustees, the head of Majlis Research Center, and the deputy of research
- Studying and commenting on the results of researches and studies and also point of views of different government systems
- Providing information and theoretical and experimental basis needed for making representatives’ decisions in parliamentary commissions and various councils such as the Economic Council, The Money and Credit Council and generally, other councils and commissions that representatives will participate in them somehow
- Communicating with academic, study, and research centers of the country to provide information and theoretical needs and the awareness of their existing point of views and opinions
- Taking necessary measures in order to acquire and use experience, efforts and achievements of other countries about issues and concerns raised by the Parliament
- Holding and participation in scientific and research seminars in the scope of special duties of the office
- Participating in meetings of parliamentary commissions and preparing a report of the meetings to the MRC deputy of research
- Giving expert opinions to the commissions on considering the bills
- Holding expert meetings in the office
2. Office Assistant
All powers of the director are replaceable with the assistant in the director’s opinion.
3. Office Consultants
Consultants of the office can help the director, assistant and head of community groups in performing their tasks and consult in providing long-term activities of the office necessarily.
4. Office Committees
Scientific committees of the office are divided in the following groups:
Financial Markets group, Foreign Trade Group, Macroeconomic Group, The Public Sector Group, Mining and Industry Group, and Agricultural Group.
5. Technician
The main job description of the office technician is as follows:
- Following the letters referred to
- Preparation of correspondence records and sending correspondences in a serial number
- Monitoring the copying of documents and papers required
- Making a request for office equipment and supplies needed for the office
- Archive and store letters and documents
- Performing duties that are assigned by the director.