The office of infrastructure studies is one of the study offices of Majlis Research Center that works in form of three specialized groups:

a) Energy group
b) Industry group
c) Mining and mineral industries group
Overall presentation of research achievements and expertise on the relevant issues also providing scientific advice to representatives of the parliament in order to fulfill decision-making context is the main goals of this office.
Related tasks can be categorized in the following topics:
1. Expert opinions about bills
2. Implementation and monitoring of research projects
3. Responding to research and expertise requests from representatives
4. Review of the relevant plans and annual budgets
5. Holding scientific and professional meetings, conferences and expert meetings in the field of the office activities
Participating in the meetings of parliamentary committees and giving scientific and technical advice
Evaluating the performance of ministries and executive agencies concerned as follows:
Ministry of Industries and Mines;
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology;
Ministry of Agriculture
Ministry of Oil;
Ministry of Roads and Transportation;
Ministry of Energy;
Ministry of Housing and Urban Development;
Environment Protection Agency (EPA) and other organizations are related to the office activities field.