After the establishment of Majlis Research Center in 1995, the Office of Legal Studies was established to perform legal duties of Majlis Research Center. The Office structurally consists of:
1. The director
2. The assistant
3. Directors of Specialized Groups such as Private Law, Public Law, International Law and Criminal Law
4. Technicians
5. Advisors of groups who are all well-known teachers of law faculties
6. Permanent law experts and affiliated to the Office.
According to the general functions of Majlis Research Center that are included in its statute, The Office of Legal Studies is responsible for:
1. Providing the legal expertise in bills which are raised by the Parliament, if necessary, the experts participate in the relevant Committee to talk about them.
2. Legally replying to the questions that are mainly raised by the representatives.
3. Researching on those legal issues which are requested by the representatives or are legislatively considerable to study.
4. Gathering lawmakers’ ideas about the issues that should be transparent legally and socially.
5. Holding seminars and panel discussion with law professors and experts on issues are important legally.
In addition to publishing a Legal Special Issue called” Law and Justice”, the Office has been published several books so far in order to promote and disseminate legal studies which include:
1. Manual of Style for Writing Laws
2. The French Legal System
3. Legal Terminology and of course as a duty, publishing the results of legal studies and researches on the relevant issues including the legislative system and purgation of law are on its agenda.