About the Office of Energy

In 2007, this office was formed of the integration of following research groups:

1. Study Group on Energy
2. Study Group on Mining and Mineral Industries
3. Industry Study Group
The main duties of this office is issues related to the Ministries of Oil, Energy, Industry and Mine and Nuclear Energy Organization and as a study office of Majlis Research Center provides expert advice for both the Energy Commission and the Industries and
Mines Commission.

Office duties include the following major activities:
1. Expert review of bills that are related to the Ministries of Oil, Energy and Industry and Mine affairs and Nuclear Energy Organization
2. Expert reports in cases where the issues of energy, industry and mining and mineral industries are requested by the representatives of Parliament
3. Reports on issues that providing information about them can influence on the parliament decision making
4. Attendance at Energy and Mines and Industries Commissions or its subsidiary committees as main commissions and attendance at other commissions in terms of need around issues with energy, industry, mining and the relevant mineral industries and provide expert comments
5. Attract cooperation of other study offices of the Center as the main office about job description and collaboration with other offices as sub office around interdisciplinary issues.
6. Continuous communication with all relevant professional groups, associations, syndicates, unions, executive agencies (governmental and NGOs), Iranian independent experts (academic, administrative) to the office tasks.
7. Reports on annual and five-year performance evaluation of the relevant executive agencies to the office
8. Holding scientific and technical meetings with experts of oil and gas industry, industries, mining and mineral industries and nuclear energy
9. Cooperation with other regulatory agencies on the necessities.
The Office of Energy, Industry and Mining Studies consist of a group of limited inter-organizational manpower that have been always trying to present reports to the parliament with trust in God and collecting opinions from a large group of the relevant specialists to the office tasks in the fully free environment that their weaknesses are the lowest.
Overall organization of this office includes: Director, Deputy and Executive Office and specialized groups of Energy, Industry, Mining and Mineral Industry.