Currently the office of new technologies studies is composed of two groups and two committees as follows:

1. Communications and Information Technology Group
2. New Technologies Group includes:
. Nanotechnology
. Biotechnology
. Science and Technology Policy
3. Aerospace committee
4. Future Studies Committee

Office Duties
1. Attract experts, scholars and elites to collaborate in providing counseling to the bills and development plans in the field of new technologies
2. Expert opinion about the bills about new technologies
3. Participation in parliamentary specialized commissions and counseling to the representatives in the field of new technologies
4. Expert reports on new technologies field
5. Planning for holding expert meetings and seminars about the bills and also new technologies issues
6. Performance evaluation of organizations and ministries active in the field of communications and new technologies
7. Holding scientific and professional meetings in the field of new technologies office’s activities
8. Review and assessment of annual plans and budgets of the office of new technologies activities
9. Response to the representatives’ requests about the issues of the office of new technologies
10. Close interaction with the executive agencies involved in new technologies and partnership to express ideas and problems of this area from the perspective of stakeholders and decision- makers with the aim of reducing disparities and increasing interaction between the legislative and executive powers
11. Cooperation and interaction with other study offices of Majlis Research Center to solve and remedy for interdisciplinary issues.
Scientific Councils
Its scientific councils are the main research cores of the office that are formed in each area of ICT, Science and Technology Policy, Aerospace, Nanotechnology, Biotechnology and Future Research that monitor the latest scientific and legal developments in their areas and the office could have been able to contribute significantly in the course of legislation on new technologies arena by assisting prominent advisors and assistants group.