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News ID: 790228 Publish Date: 2011/05/23 16:17

The study of relations between Iran and the Arab world under recent changes in Egypt

A meeting was held that attended by experts to discuss relations between Iran and the Arab world under recent changes in Egypt by Majlis Research Center.

By holding several specialized and scientific meetings attended by experts, the office of political studies of Majlis Research Center studied relations between Iran and the Arab world to assess regional issues, public relations office reported.

Topics of this meeting include two general parts: the first, regional changes trend was studied as well as future prospects of these events were discussed that's ultimately where this trend will.

The second, the effect of these changes on Iranian foreign policy was explained that according to the events, what considerations should be given to relations with the Arabs and what guide lines can be drawn up on conducting diplomacy. Enjoying Iranian scientific elites', writers', and experts' point of views, opinions, and proposals- that they are specialized in different areas- are considered valuable in Iran legislation process. Also, mechanism to hold scientific roundtable meetings is the logical and functional methods of using Iranian scientific and intellectual elites' information, studies, experiences, and scientific proposals that due to it, series of specialized- scientific meetings have been held to achieve the following objectives:

1.Close relationship with Iranian intellectual elites and scientific community,
2.Enjoying Iranian intellectual elites and scientific community's capabilities and capacities,
3.Providing functional-scientific packages for Iranian MPs (representatives of Islamic Consultative Assembly).
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