Iranian MP Elected to Top IPU Post

Iranian senior lawmaker Dr. Kazem Jalali elected as the vice-president of the Executive Committee of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in the 136th Assembly of the IPU which was held in Dhaka, Bangladesh on 1-5 April 2017.

 Bangladesh for the first time hosted the recent (IPU) five-day Assembly which was attended by more than 650 MPs from 132 Parliaments around the world.
It is noteworthy to mention that Dr. Jalali was already elected as a member of the IPU Executive Committee in 2015 for a four-year term, a vital capacity which was accorded to Iranian Parliament for the first time since past half-century.
In accordance with the Union’s Statutes, this 17-member body oversees the administration of the Inter-Parliamentary Union and advises its Governing Council. The Executive Committee advises the Council on matters relating to affiliation and re-affiliation to the Union, fixes the date and place of Council sessions and establishes their provisional agenda.
It also proposes to the Council the annual work programs and budget of the Union. Also the Executive Committee controls the administration of the Secretariat as well as its activities in the execution of the decisions taken by the Assembly and the Council.
Inter-Parliamentary Union, the more than a century-old organization of world’s legislators, established in 1889 with its headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland (i.e. 56 years before the establishment of the United Nations), is regarded as one of the most important and oldest international non-governmental bodies.
The 173-member IPU is the international organization of world parliaments as well as the union is focal point for worldwide parliamentary dialogues and works for peace, development and cooperation among the nations to establish democracy across the globe.
The IPU Assembly, which was earlier called Inter-Parliamentary Conference, is the principal statutory body that expresses the views on political issues bringing together parliamentarians to study international problems and make recommendations for action.


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