Water Productivity in Agricultural Sector

Majlis Research Center released a report indicating the necessity of water productivity in agricultural sector

According to the public relations office, the office of infrastructure studies in MRC announced that agricultural water productivity is one of the most important issues considered recently and, said: although water is an important factor in economic development and agriculture sector is considered as the largest water consumer, so the optimal management of water is undeniable. It is added: According to systematic index of international water resources, Iran suffers with water tension and will experience accelerated tension in near future. Another problem is that, the comparison of water use efficiency in irrigation of Iran to other countries shows that Iran is placed in the lowest position (32 percent) besides similar studied countries. MRC declared that to increase water productivity in agriculture sector, it is necessary to identify some factors influencing water loss, and then planning to increase water use efficiency in irrigation, demand management, efficient technology use and actual valuation of water. Also, coordination between agricultural agencies can be very effective to increase water productivity. Meanwhile, to ensure the success in increasing agricultural water productivity, evaluating the effective indicators and different parameters in the effective water utilization is necessary.