The conventional differentiation of cooperatives and other types of cooperatives considered by MRC

Majlis Research Center studied the conventional differentiation of cooperatives and other types of cooperatives.
 According to the public relations office of Majlis Research Center, in addition to the existing cooperatives (conventional), there are various types of cooperatives in form of public joint stock cooperative and national comprehensive for poverty reduction in the Act to modify some materials of the fourth economic, social and cultural Islamic Republic of Iran and implementing general policies of Article 44 of the Constitution Act of 25/3/1387", the office of economic studies considered. "however this type of difference between existing cooperatives and conventional cooperatives and despite the last year notification for law, but the level of differentiation doesn't specifically recognized by most experts and representatives of the assembly, it added.  Majlis Research Center added: Results of this study indicated that the most distinguishable factors in differentiations the conventional cooperatives (first type) with the public joint stock cooperative and national comprehensive (Second type) are as follows: differences in objectives, the number of cooperative members, the registration of unemployed members , being the same share of the cooperative members in providing invest for company to conventional co operations and no restriction for comprehensive national public joint stock cooperatives, considering the same voting right for all members in conventional cooperatives and non necessity of this for other types of cooperatives, the establishment of how the General Assembly for conventional cooperatives as a stage and in special cases (or provincial cooperatives or the types with more than 500 Online Visitors) a two-stage, and for other types of cooperatives (PJS and comprehensive national) to block two-stage, how unions and membership and general assembly members voting union, how cooperative acquisitions, how legal governmental cooperative register, how financial responsibility on the basis of cooperative members in their contribution rate and finally the type of stock or anonymous.