Solutions of balancing university education with labor market needs

Solutions of balancing university education with labor market needs were studied by Majlis Research Center.

One of the fundamental economic principles is that producers, for their success, must produce the goods which in terms of characteristics are demanded by consumers, the office of social studies discussed, public relations office r eported. In this discussion, producer is higher education system as general and consumer is labor market. Also, to remove or reduce graduates' unemployment problem; it is necessary to balance supply and demand of labor market that it is possible by two ways: first, needs assessment of specialists as labor market in the status quo and the reduction of supply of specialist labor in subjects in which there is a surplus labor that now existing policies, particularly in relation to the development of Iranian higher education system is not so. Moreover, it isn't expected these policies are changed and made no attempt to reduce supply of labor by higher education system in near future at all. The second, an increase of demand for specialist labor that it can be possible by an increase of non-governmental and governmental investments or by the coordination of labor market needs with higher education graduates' abilities and skills or both factors, the office of social studies added.

According to the points discussed about employment with respect to labor market and universities, it can be said that effective factors on a demand for labor include business space such as production level, exports, investment and its efficiency, utilization rate of production empty capacities, type of production technique, the collection of financial, currency, and monetary policies, how their stability and compatibility, laws on labor market, investment security, currency revenue, and other factors. Therefore, not only found solutions are responsible for labor market or university policies, but also they are responsible for all major policies of the country that affect on balancing labor market and university in different bases directly or indirectly. Consequently, the proposed solutions are to change different parts.