Majlis Research Center criticized the report of World Bank Business

Critiques on the report of World Bank Doing Business were explained by Majlis Research Center.

The office of business environment studies discussed that the report of World Bank Doing Business and its attitude toward business environment and problems of this area are not a comprehensive approach to the issue. The report has summarized complex and varied aspects of business environment-that due to the culture, institutions, legal system, and other factors are unique features in different countries- simple numerical indicators (such as a number of entry guidelines,entry fees, and business registration) and understanding of this area has reduced to a simplistic non-analytical study, the report added. Although many of recommendations of these reports (including the use of technology more and particularly, information technology) are used desirable if they are studied, the only and undisputed emphasis of the report on numerical indicators and producers' rigid recommendations on the suitability model for all countries, reader is doubt about its validity, public relations office of Majlis research Center reported.

Since World Bank reports and their political recommendations are used quickly in order to rank applicants for assistances and World Bank granted loans by the bank officials and they are eligibility cretria to receive loan or assistance, results of the researches published by World Bank should be assessed properly due to considerations and political interests behind the researches and reasons for the allocation of high costs of research to practice, Majlis Research Center added. Consequently, it makes real use of the analysis and findings of the World Bank and similar institutions to invest in business environment reforms.