Violent Extremism in Europe

Not only Europe but also the whole world is shocked by Norway's bloody explosions. Terrorist action in the heart of Europe and also by a European young, right-wing extremist, a new alarm has been sounded for European liberal governments.

Today in public and professional meetings in Europe, the question is whether the new Hitler is on the way or right-extremism is an emerging specter that could wander in liberal conscience of Europe and looks for conquering new political trenches.

These questions are important not only for Europeans but also for the world because now right-extremism in Europe experiences its re-emergence era as political interest with strong social bases and its impact on theory and practical procedures of policymaking and naturally, foreign policy of these countries is inevitable. Thus, as follows, it is essential that at first beliefs and practical achievements of this political interest to know and finally, their potential impact on European foreign policy are explored.

In many European countries, far-right parties have recognized at the national level. In France, right-wing extremist party "French National Front" led by…

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Europe, Extremism, Violence