Studying the latest status of "new energies in Iran"

  Majlis Research Center reviewed the latest status of new energies in Iran.
 According to the Public Relations Office, the use of new energy sources instead of fossil resources is necessary, the Office of Energy, Mining, and Industry Studies said. New energy systems should be based on fundamental and structural changes that in which free-carbon energy resources like solar, wind, and geothermal energies and carbon neutral as Biomass are used, it added.
 According to the report, renewable energies due to their simple technology against nuclear energy technology on the one hand and also due to not create problems such as nuclear waste on the other hand, play an important role in new energy systems in the world.
 Concerning restrictions on the use of new energies, several factors, especially the initial cost and cost price, lack of adequate funding for the relevant indigenous technologies and improving their efficiency, foreign and not considered costs in the economic equation, and lack of global, regional, and local supportive policies has limited the development of new energies, the Office said.
 Accordingly, the design and construction of windmills due to wind areas in Iran can be a good alternative to gas and stream power plants.
Studies of the estimates of wind energy potential in Iran show that only in 26 regions of the country (including more than 45 suitable sites), nominal capacity of sites is about 6500 MW by considering an overall yield of 23%, while nominal capacity of the total power plants of the country is 60000 MW.
 Concerning solar energy, 11 projects are in operation or under implementation by the Ministry of Energy in the whole country which are related to solar energy. The total of solar power generation of the country in 2004 is equal to 14020 kW that has increased to 67000kW at the end of 2010, the report added.
 Also, the total nominal capacity of biogas plants is 1860 kW, the total of scientific capacity is 1665 kW and non-specific production is 5967 GW. (The full text of the report is attached.)


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