Head of Majlis Research Center: Zionists fear from Iran to become a center of anti-monopoly policy

 The Americans and some countries unjustly extended Iranian nuclear issue to the UN Security Council, the Head of Majlis Research Center stated.
 It is natural that the global arrogance tires Iran to not become the diplomatic center through holding NAM (Non-Aligned Movement) Summit, he said.
 In an interview with the political correspondent of Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency about the Zionist regime efforts to prevent from attending countries in the sixteenth NAM Summit in Tehran, Kazem Jalali said that the global arrogance such as America and Zionist regime and some great powers are not interested in NAM Summit will be held successfully in the Islamic Republic of Iran.
 Representative from Shahrood in the Iranian parliament expressed that anymore induced by the enemies that Iran is isolated or Iran’s diplomacy is introduced non-effective. It is natural that in such circumstances, enemies are trying the NAM Summit to be held in Tehran less significant, he said.
 While the Americans and some countries have unjustly extended nuclear issue of Islamic Republic of Iran to the UN Security Council or issued illegal resolutions against Iran but with no results, naturally they are trying Iran not to become a diplomatic center through the NAM Summit held, Dr. Jalali pointed out.
 Zionists are trying Iran diplomacy fails to put itself in the world and naturally they make every effort the NAM Summit not to be held in Iran successfully, the Head of Fundamentalists’ Leadership Adherents Fraction of the Parliament emphasized.
 Islamic Republic of Iran will take all its efforts to hold the NAM Summit successfully, the Member of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of the ninth parliament said. Also due to the world critical situation, NAM Summit can be so effective on the global power structure and undoubtedly, Iran is one of the influential countries in this movement, he added.
 Iran is the closets model to the principles and slogans of the movement and America and Zionist regime interested in Americans always to be the hegemonic power in the world while the NAM seek to disrupt to monopolize power in the world. Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs has ordered to a number of its embassies in the several countries especially, European Countries to prevent from participation of countries in the NAM Summit in Tehran by lobbying efforts, the Head of Majlis Research Center stressed.


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