Given the close relationship between the Iranian Speaker and the Head of Majlis Research Center, Majlis Research Center can be so effective to serve the system.

When the power relations and the limits of each and every one of them with the Supreme Leader aren’t clear, the country will go astray.
When the power relations and the limits of each and every one of them with the Supreme Leader are not clear, the country will go astray and hours in political battles of attrition due to lack of proper definition of these relationships is wasted.
According to the Public Relations Office of Majlis Research Center, Mohammad Shariatmadari, an advisor to the Supreme Leader of the Strategic Council and Chairman of the Economic Committee of the Council attended the Majlis Research Center; during a meeting with the head, deputies and directors of the Research Center asked several questions: “Who has possession of the country’s culture? What agency is responsible for the country’s economic affairs? Where are the NGOs? What is the president’s top executive after leadership? What are the differences between the separation of powers and powers cooperation? Who will determine their activities limits? When the legislative and the judicial budgeting provided by the state, how to define the relationship between heads of powers?
He emphasized that the answers to these questions are the responsibility of Majlis Research Center. If the parliament as one of the centers of power in foreign policy talks, before that, the advice should be given to the representatives. In such circumstances, one way to get advice to the representatives is social network because the governments don’t want to communicate with a large network of the people, he stated.
Stating the parliament needs for organized intellectual support, is worthy of such a center to be as the powerful intellectual arm of the parliament that is at the helm. However, it is important to choose priorities. The plan must be based on the template, he said.
Decision-making authority should obey the law, he said. The law has many gaps including three or four centers in legislation we have that no relationship with each other. This has led to various agencies to achieve their demands, the one of the centers are required to meet their needs more quickly, he added.
In another part of his speech, one of the most important features of the Majlis Research Center is independence that is a notable issue for its activities, which has been approximately maintained ever, Shariatmadari pointed out.
Mohammad Shariatmadari, the former deputy of the Supreme Leaders’ Inspection and Supervision Office, added that all powers should seek the leader’s policy to solve the problems of the people. Because I know that the authorities are responsible for the people’s problems.
According to the Speaker who is educated and experienced as well as the Head of Majlis Research Center, Dr Kazem Jalali, as a follower of Imam Sadiq School; we are hoping to see Majlis Research Center is booming in this new era.


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