Iran has been resolute for a breakthrough in nuclear talks

“Iran has left no stone unturned to reach a final deal in the nuclear talks as we believe negotiation is the best solution to end nuclear standoff,” said K. Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC).

Speaking to reporters here yesterday, Jalali said “If  Western powers prove their sincerity in the ongoing nuclear talks, we can hope to break all impasses and reach a final deal. “Otherwise, just as before it is unlikely that the negotiations fail”, he cautioned.
On the countdown to the agreed deadline (Nov. 24), Jalali remarked “Iran has proven its good offices to push forward nuclear talks to a desirable outcome for both parties. Whether the ongoing talks reach a mutual understanding, the world has been witness to Iran’s abidance of all its legal and international commitments.”
In another development, Head of the IPRC lambasted Cameron’s anti-Iran remarks and said our Parliament tried yesterday not to leave such humiliating statements unanswered. He expressed hope that Rouhani’s administration will also strongly react to such biased and self-centered remarks.


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