Netanyahu's Speech to Congress mere hyperbole to pursue Iranophobic policy

Zionist regime premier's gimmicks and rhetorical hyperbole was only intended to influence the Congress members by pursuing Iranophobic policy, said Kazem Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC).

Talking to Journalist Club in reaction to Netanyahu's Speech to the US Congress, Jalali cited “The Zionist regime premier's provocative act was but a deceptive show having no iota of truth.”
“According to Western analysts, Netanyahu's speech was repetition of his previous groundless claims as a scaremongering campaign to galvanize international opinion”, Jalali reiterated.
“On the contrary, this speech was a confession to the power and the firm standing of the Islamic Republic of Iran and that resort to military force may serve as a boomerang to those who try to derail the world public opinion to focus on  the heinous propaganda campaign raised by the Zionist regime of Israel”, He underlined.
“The Israeli Premier's failed to raise any notable points and he tried to show the alignment between the US and the Zionist regime, while President Obama in his interview highlighted the gaps with Israel on Iran's nuclear issue,” Jalali remarked.
Referring to Netanyahu's baseless allegations that Iran has spread its influence over Damascus, Beirut, Baghdad and Sana'a, Jalali said “Zionist regime Premier's words are totally groundless as it was the people who rose to determine their destiny in the countries named by him".
"Certain Arab countries in cooperation with the West mustered their efforts to take down Bashar Assad. Finally, it was Syrian people who showed their support for their president and voted to keep him in power", Jalali said.
"However, the opposition groups paved the ground for th emergence of newly born ISIS and other extremist cliques, Jalali added.  
He concluded by reiterating "In his speech to the Congress, Netanyahu merely pursued scaremongering campaign to achieve his Iranophobic purposes".


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