Dr. Jalali:

Productivity: A neglected area of Economy

Visiting a Research Delegation from Japan led by Dr. Kazuhiko Odaki, Professor of Economics of the Nihon University of Tokyo met with Dr. Kazem Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) on Sunday, 14 June 2014.

Referring to the meeting with Koji Haneda, the Japanese Ambassador to Tehran, Jalali said “We are so interested to benefit from Japan’s valuable experiences in order to promote our economic objectives through reaping useful information on Japan’s Model of Economic development.”
Elaborating the functions of IPRC, the senior Iranian lawmaker, described the centre as an advisory arm of the Islamic Parliament, with a view to giving advices to the parliamentarians in exercising their constitutional duties for better governance as well as passing more efficient legislations. Jalali also said: Therefore, obtaining more information on developed countries such as Japan will be helpful and conducive to us.
At this meeting, Professor of Economics of the Nihon University, Dr. Odaki for his part, while describing different aspects of Japan's economy said: “Post-war (post-world war II) development of the Japanese economy, also known as the post-war economic boom illustrates that Japan could have highly ranked among developed world countries by enjoying prominent features and appropriate planning alongside the European countries.”
“Indeed, national wealth cannot be only limited to oil revenues but it is originated from the economic growth and productivity, he concluded.”


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