Dr. Jalali:

Victory in Syria in near future

Although Syria has been gripped by a bloody foreign-backed militancy for the past five years, Dr. Jalali expressed hope; the Syrian people would achieve a final victory over terrorists soon.

 Speaker of the People’s Council of Syria, Hadiya Khalaf Abbas met Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC), Dr. Kazem Jalali in Tehran on Wednesday 28 Sep. 2016.
Pointing to the regional insecurity and the unstable situation, Head of the IPRC slammed terrorist savage crimes against innocent people of Syria. He further stated that the Syrian crisis has become the world’s worst humanitarian disaster.
Referring to Iran’s fully backing Syria; he made remarks that Iranians are defending the defenseless Syrians against terrorists’ brutal atrocities and violent attacks. Also, he noted that Tehran and Damascus share common views on the Syrian conflict in order to counter terrorism.
A senior law maker censured severely trans-regional countries’ interferences and supports (especially financial and weaponry supports) to terrorist groups. He also underlined that uprooting terrorism needs a concerted effort by the global community.
Finally, he praised the recent Syrian army’s success in Aleppo and further stated that Iran insists to back Syria until the final stage of victory.
Speaker of the People’s Council of Syria Hadiya Khalaf Abbas, for her part, hailed the Iranian people and officials for fully backing Syria, noting that Damascus could not have been able to resist pressures from foreign-backed terrorists without Tehran’s backing.
A top Syrian parliamentarian underscored that Syria is going through a militancy sponsored by 80 countries. She further stated that although Syria has been entangled in a bloody foreign-backed militancy since March 2011, over the past few months, the Takfiri militants have suffered major setbacks as the army has liberated several areas.

As a conclusion, she called for (more expansive relations between the two parliaments in order to seize this opportunity) to use Iranian Parliament to establish a parliamentary research center in Syria. Also, she referred to the enviable importance of strengthening research parliamentary dimension, especially after overcoming terrorists.


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