In a parliamentary system of democratic nature, representatives of the people need objective, factual and timely information with a view to making informed decisions and ensuring executive accountability to the legislature. In other words, legislatures need information to perform their representative, legislative and oversight functions. Therefore, information plays a great role in building effective legislatures. Iran is a country with a century-old history in parliamentary democracy. During this long period of democratic history, parliamentarians did not have access to any concrete expertise mechanism to rely when deliberating on bills and motions. In fact, lawmaking process lacked any research mechanism. After the Islamic Revolution, the legislature came to identify the core value of parliamentary research services and decided to create an independent center as an expertise support for parliamentarians in exercising their representational duties. In response to this crucial need, the Islamic Parliament of Iran passed a legislation calling for the establishment of a research body to act as an advisory arm of the Parliament. Legal ground for creation of such a research service was finalized by the full support of the lawmakers in the Parliament and the Islamic Parliament Research Center was founded on a solid structural management in 1995.
Thank you.
Alireza Zakani
Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC)