Dr. Jalali:

Development of Iran’s missile industry as an absolute and inalienable right

Stressing the expansion of Iran’s missile industry as an inalienable right, Dr. Kazem Jalali stated that Islamic Republic of Iran has the lowest military budget among the regional countries and its military measures are merely based on defensive principles.

 Dr. Johanne David Wadeful, Chairman of German Bundestag Committee on Scrutiny of Elections, Immunity and the Rules of Procedure met Dr. Kazem Jalali, the Head of Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) in Tehran on Tuesday, 07 Feb. 2017.
Referring to the parliamentary ties between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Germany, Iranian senior lawmaker expressed hope that our bilateral cooperation can be strengthened through these visits.
Touching upon cultural similarities between the two nations, he described the German people as a proactive and serious nation that they could have already played vital role in the reconstruction of their country post-World War II. He further referred to their capability as “a good example of development” for other countries as well as paving the way to boost political-economic relations between Iran and Germany.
A member of (Islamic) Parliamentary Standing Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy pointed to the significant role of Germany in signing nuclear deal between Iran and P5+1 World Powers known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and emphasized that Islamic republic of Iran has fulfilled its obligations honestly but misfortunately, Western countries failed.
The Head of the IPRC focused on the development of missile industry and its tests as an inalienable right of our country to improve defensive capabilities and added that such progressiveness never violates international laws.
With respect to the barbarous terrorist massacre in the region especially in Iraq, Syria and Yemen, a senior lawmaker underscored that Islamic Republic of Iran has spared no effort to uproot global terrorism as well as extremism.
Finally, Dr. Jalali expressed hope that we can help boost increasing Iran-Germany relations in the post-nuclear deal (post-JCPOA) era.
Dr. Johanne David Wadeful, Chairman of German Bundestag Committee on Scrutiny of Elections, Immunity and the Rules of Procedure, for his part, expressed satisfaction over his visit to Islamic Republic of Iran as well as exchanging views with the head of Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC).
Pointing to the friendly long-standing relations as well as good social and cultural interactions between Germany and Islamic Republic of Iran, German senior lawmaker asserted that now, we are keen to expand all-out ties with Iran as an impressive strategic country in the region and the world. He further noted to the great importance of deepening political relations between the two countries to establish global and regional peace and security.
Also, he hailed prominent role of the Islamic Republic of Iran in countering terrorism particularly, ISIS terrorists.
As a conclusion, Dr. Wadeful hit out both intellectual and well-armed terrorisms and proposed political solutions to fight regional terrorism as well as military attacks. He further asserted that Syrians themselves must decide their own fate.


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