Dr. Jalali:

Boosting honest dialogue, the best mean to tackle regional problems

Stressing that most of regional problems hinges upon trans-regional interferences, Chairman of Iran-France Parliamentary Friendship Group, Dr. Kazem Jalali underscored truthful and honest dialogues is the best solution to regional dilemmas.

Visiting French Parliamentary delegation chaired by Mr. Joël Guerriau, Chairman of France-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group and accompanying Hervé Marseille, the Vice-President of the French Senate met Dr. Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) in Tehran on Saturday, 18 Feb 2017.
Pointing to the age-old friendly bilateral ties between Islamic republic of Iran and Republic of France, an Iranian senior lawmaker expressed hope that we can help boosting our cooperation in post-Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) era.
He further noted to mutual understanding and respect-based relations between the two parliaments as a diplomatic key venue to deepen and strengthen bilateral ties in different areas particularly, economic exchanges.
Referring to the terrorists’ massive catastrophic crimes and attacks in the region especially in Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain and Syria, a member of Islamic Parliamentary Standing Committee on Foreign Policy and National Security asserted the necessity to uproot both global and regional terrorism as well as extremism naming Saudi Arabia as the father of Wahhabi and Salafi ideology.
Chairman of France-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group Mr. Joël Guerriau, for his part, expressed satisfaction over visiting Islamic Republic of Iran as well as exchanging views and experiences through these meeting.
Pointing to the long-age France-Iran relations as well as prominent role of parliamentary diplomacy in expanding bilateral ties between the parliaments, French senior lawmaker called for strengthening and promoting their all-out cooperation.
Referring to the Iran’s nuclear deal with P5+1 major powers, chairman of France-Iran Parliamentary Friendship Group strongly emphasized that we are totally committed to the implementation of the JCPOA.
He further asserted to fight international terrorism in the world and he also called for boosting France-Iran relations to uproot this abominable phenomenon.


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