Dr. Jalali:

Iran extends “tit for tat” action against the US new sanctions

In an interview with Sputink News Agency, Dr. Kazem Jalali, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) stated that Islamic Republic of Iran has drawn up a list of its own countermeasures against Washington.

 A senior law-maker expressed that, together with the Parliamentary Standing Committee on National Security and Defense, the IPRC has developed a (20-point) Emergency Action Plan to counter the US sanctions.
“As one of the major parts of this plan is that Iranian Government will earmark 1 billion tomans [approximately $300 million] for the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) and as much toward the development of its missile program”, he asserted.
With the aims of countering US support of terrorism, violating its human rights as well as taking countermeasures against the US economic sanctions, the leading plan also protects Iranian Armed Forces to extend “tit for tat” actions against the US terrorist policies in the region, he added.
Emad Abshenas, a managing editor of Iran Press Newspaper described that (that to be omitted) the IRGC as Iran's main defense against the US economic pressure and military terror in the region.
A longstanding Sputink Expert further stated that the IRGC’s elite unit, the Quds Force, is also known as the main line of defense against the US state terrorism and as well as crimes. Moreover, the IRGC and the Iranian missile program, he opined, have helped keeping terrorists away from our country's borders
In addition to the above, “these countermeasures are really taken against the US terrorist policy which is spreading in the world. These policies include some issues such as Iranian sanctions against organizations that have close relationships to Washington as well as provide financial assistance to terrorists, sell arms to them and consequently, violate human rights,” he said.


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