Dr. Jalali refers to:

Donald Trump’s business-like approach to the presidency work

Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC), Dr. kazem Jalali underscored that the US President Donald Trump runs a government just like a business.

In spite of insisting on some significant issues such as democracy and human rights, the United States established stronger relations with the most criminals (criminal governments) in the region, Iranian senior law maker expressed.
Chinese delegation from Tsinghua University met Head of the IPRC, Dr. Jalali in Iran on Sunday, 16 July 2017.
Describing research-oriented structure and also performances of the Islamic Parliament Research Center, he pointed to the IPRC’s role as an advisory arm of the Islamic Parliament so as to providing advices to the Iranian parliamentarians as well as contributing them in the legislative and decision-making processes through conducting studies and researches also offering expert opinions.
Also, Iranian MP referred to the IPRC’s special efforts to strengthen cooperation with the academic and scientific centers in bid to use their capabilities in its legislative researches such as signing a joint memorandum of understanding and cooperation.
Pointing to the China’s rise to global economic superpower, he praised its development model.
Referring to the long-age friendly Iran-China relations, member of the Islamic Parliamentary Standing Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy hailed these visits to promote and deepen bilateral ties in different areas, particularly economic and trade exchanges.
He further noted that the Islamic Republic of Iran and China can take major steps toward strengthening their bilateral cooperation through exchanging views and experiences.
Slashing out the United States President Trump’s business-like attitudes towards the world politics, Head of the IPRC concluded that Trump establishes stronger ties with only countries which further secure his benefits.


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