Dr. Jalali:

Iranian MP: Iran hails to assuage tensions in Korean Peninsula S. Korean Envoy: South Korea to continue buying Iranian crude

 Hailing to strengthen bilateral ties between Islamic Republic of Iran and South Korea, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) Dr. Kazem Jalali reiterated that Iran always supports establishing peace and security in the World.
South Korean Ambassador to Tehran Ryu Jeong Hyun met Iranian senior law maker Dr. Kazem Jalali on Sunday, August 26, 2018.
Referring to the friendly long-standing relations between the two Parliaments (particularly, their Parliamentary Research Services) as well as holding meetings, Dr. Jalali attached great importance to the further enhancement of bilateral cooperation with South Korea in different areas.
Pointing to the recent talks between two Korean leaders (South and North Koreas), a Member of Parliamentary Standing Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy further stated that Islamic Republic of Iran all the time supports peaceful measures across the globe as well as the establishment of peace and security in Korean Peninsula.
Referring to an old-age friendship ties between the two countries, S. Korean Ambassador to Tehran Ryu Jeong Hyun, for his part, highlighted that South Korea embraces the expansion of all-out cooperation between the Islamic Republic of Iran and S. Korea.
Finally, pointing to the high capacities of their Parliamentary Research Services (NARS and IPRC as well as the upcoming 9th International Seminar for Parliamentary Research Services (which is going to be held on Nov. 2018 in Seoul), the envoy handed Dr. Jalali Head of the IPRC the official invitation letter signed by his Korean counterpart.


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