Iranian Senior MP: Saudi Arabia’s war in Yemen failed to defeat

Pointing to the Dialogue as an essential ingredient for peaceful relationships as well as resolving regional disputes, Chairman of Iran-EP Parliamentary Relations Group lashed out Saudi Arabia's brutalities in Yemen.

 Finnish Ambassador to Tehran Keijo Norvanto accompanied by Maruan El-Kerkshi Head of the Finnish CMI’s (Crisis Management Initiative) Middle East and North Africa (program) as well as Project Manager for the Middle East and North Africa program of the Finnish CMI met Dr. Kazem Jalali Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) in Tehran on Tuesday, 15 Jan. 2019.
Referring to the establishment of good relations and dialogues between the Islamic Republic of Iran and Finland, Iranian senior lawmaker expressed the hope that bilateral meetings will be led to further deepen their all-out cooperation.
Underscoring the importance of Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) as one of the significant issues in Iranian foreign policy, Dr. Jalali asserted that Iran has always adhered credibly to its international commitments particularly, nuclear deal with 5+1 Group of World Powers (officially known as JCPOA).
He further stated that despite US’s withdrawal from the landmark nuke deal, Iran has fulfilled its own nuclear-related obligations under the JCPOA while EU has not reached a decisive conclusion to salvage the Iran nuclear deal.
Touching upon regional challenges and crises especially in Yemen occurred by Saudi’s interference, Head of the IPRC reiterated that Saudi Arabia has so far reaped nothing, but defeat and disgrace.
Hailing Iran’s role in resolving regional conflicts, Finnish Ambassador to Tehran Keijo Norvanto, for his part, called for tapping into Iran’s potentials for alleviating these tensions.
During this get-together meeting, he furthermore expressed his readiness to boost bilateral cooperation.
Also, Maruan El-Kerkshi Head of the Finnish CMI’s (Crisis Management Initiative) Middle East and North Africa (program) who accompanied Finnish Ambassador to Tehran to the meeting elaborated that the establishment of the Finnish CMI Organization aims to resolve international disputes through dialogues.


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