Iranian Senior Lawmaker: the World Must Withstand US Law-Breaking Behavior

Urging the US’s pulling out of the landmark nuclear deal (officially known as Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) harm the World, Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) called for the World’s resistance against the United States’ violation of international laws.

 Japanese Ambassador to Tehran Mitsugu Saito met Dr. Kazem Jalali Head of the IPRC on Monday, 21 Jan. 2019.
Pointing to the long-lasting Iran-Japan friendly relations, Iranian Senior MP expressed the hope that exchange of views as well as the rise of parliamentary diplomacy can prepare a good way to further deepen bilateral ties particularly, in economic area.
According to the IAEA (Int’l Atomic Energy Agency) technical reports based on Iran’s fulfillment of JCPOA commitments, Member of Parliamentary Standing Committee on National Security and Foreign Policy blasted the US unilateralism through unlawful withdrawal from the nuke deal.
He further stated that if all countries of the World including Japan seek to preserve international laws as well as abide by their obligations, they inevitably require resisting against the United States persistent violations.
Hailing 90-year of diplomatic ties between Japan and Islamic Republic of Iran as well as major role of boosting (their) bilateral cooperation in future planning of Japan, Japanese Ambassador to Tehran Mitsugu Saito, for his part, reiterated that our country resumes purchases of Iranian crude oil after receiving a waiver from US sanctions on oil imports.


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