Iranian Senior MP Urges UN to Confront US Unilateralism

Head of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC) called on UN to stand against the US unilateral major sanctions imposed against Iran including foodstuffs, medicines and civil aviation.

Ms. Ugochi Daniels UN Resident Coordinator (RC) in Iran met as well as held talks with Dr. Kazem Jalali Head of the IPRC in Tehran on Wednesday 24 July 2019.
Pointing to the main idea of the establishment of this research body (the IPRC) to act as an advisory arm of the (Islamic) Parliament (of Iran) in order to duly provide parliamentarians with constant fruitful grounds to benefit from expert advices in 1995, Iranian senior lawmaker described the four major objectives of the creation of such an independent center which includes: offering expertise to the Parliament Members and Standing committees in respect of all the bills and motions on a timely manner, studying as well as scrutinizing smooth application of the laws, providing various information required by MPs as well as members of Standing Committees (when deliberating on bills and motions) and conducting case studies in response to the current prevailing requests of the Presiding Board, Standing Committees and MPs at large.
Referring to the remarkable efforts made for fighting drug trafficking in our country, he further stated that int'l community should provide more support in a bid to tackle the serious problem.
UN Resident Coordinator (RC) in Iran Ms. Ugochi Daniels, for her part, appreciated the IPRC's works and activities as a parliamentary professional institution.
Pointing to the fruitful all-out cooperation between UN and Iranian government, a UNDP representative in Iran hailed further economic cooperation between UN and the IPRC.
Proclaiming the US unilateralism as one of the major challenges facing Int'l arena, she further highlighted that we are making our utmost efforts to prevent from US re-imposition of the unilateral sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran, including foodstuffs, medicines and etc… through more constructive cooperation with the various Int'l Orgs. Such as WHO and FAO.


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