Current Status and Bilateral Trade Capacity between Iran & Eurasian Economic Union

Despite Iran's abundant crude oil reserves as well as proven developed and undeveloped oil and gas reserves also its prominent role in foreign trade, serious efforts haven't been made to boost bilateral economic and trade cooperation between the Eurasian countries and the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Although Iran is able to meet requirements for major import goods of EAEU member states, the largest import products are met through other countries due to the higher cost price of Iranian products than the same goods of other countries, weakness of commercial diplomacy and US sanctions against Iran
Considering current status as well as ample untapped capacities for Iran-Eurasian economic and trade ties, following proposals are submitted to expand their bilateral cooperation.
The interim Agreement enabling formation of a free trade area between the EAEU and the Islamic Republic of Iran was signed in a bid to deepen economic and trade cooperation between the parties as well a sperforming diplomatic consultations. The Interim Agreement stipulates for compliance by its parties with the fundamental principles of Int'l trade.
Interim Trade Promotion Org. (TPO) is the active partiicpatory ORG. based on the management principles which  tries to fulfill the strategic plan, develop and strengthen foreign trade in a bid to achieve the greatest market share.


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