Iranian Parliament Speaker:

US & Israel Seek Disintegration of Muslim States

TEHRAN (ICANA) _ Iran's Parliament Speaker Mohammad Bagher Ghalibaf says the United States and the Israeli regime are enacting a scenario whose main goals are to break up regional Muslim countries in addition to expelling Palestinians from their homeland, Judaization of Jerusalem al-Quds and destruction of al-Aqsa Mosque.

The top parliamentarian made the remarks in the Iranian capital Tehran on Monday, as he opened an international webinar of Parliaments in support of the Palestinian cause, which was attended by parliament speakers and senior lawmakers from a number of Muslim countries.
The top Iranian official said that enemies of the Islamic world are trying to shatter the unity of the Muslim countries through sanctions, arbitrary and unilateral actions, as well as threats and subjugation.
“Today, we have come together in this virtual meeting in order to honor the resistance of the Palestinian people and the axis of resistance; and to reiterate that no other issue is as important for the Muslim world in the 21st century as the liberation of the Holy Quds and the Palestinian cause," Iran's top parliamentarian said.
“As you know, the occupation of Palestine and the displacement of Palestinians who lived there constitute the worst tragedy that the deviant current of Zionism created at the heart of the Muslim world in the aftermath of the Second World War,” the Iranian parliament speaker noted.
He also criticized the silence and apathy of some rulers in the Muslim world as well as such international bodies as the United Nations and human rights organizations in the face of the Israeli regime’s ongoing crimes.
“Today, not only we see no support and assistance for the oppressed people of Palestine, but unfortunately a few country leaders also trample on the rights of the Palestinian people by establishing political, economic, trade and even military, security and investment relations [with the Tel Aviv regime] and contribute to the Zionist settlement projects,” Qalibaf pointed out.
“In case the Muslim world does not realize such a dangerous conspiracy and does not adopt prompt measures to prevent it and allow Zionists to institutionalize normalization of [Muslim countries’] ties [with that regime], they would take the next step to break up the Muslim world,” the senior Iranian legislator said.


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