Biden's Top Cybersecurity Priorities

"Cybersecurity" as a top priority of new US President Joe Biden was investigated by the Political Studies Office of the Islamic Parliament Research Center (IPRC).

Biden moves to restore cybersecurity as a high US priority, and in this connection, Government officials worked hard to rebuild the US’s cyberinfrastructure which was eliminated in the Donald Trump-era as well as launching the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency in a bid to achieve cyber deterrence.
The United States seeks to Restore and find a cyber-commerce consensus on China under President Biden. (China has clearly behaved in ways that are anti-competitive.) But he will face tougher against Russia.
Also, Biden will send new bills and legislations to the Congress through facilitating increased and cross-sector public-private collaboration as well as resetting transatlantic relations with political allies, transatlantic relations particularly, EU (which is making overtures about cybersecurity collaboration) in order to data protection and privacy, social media networks liability, US cybersecurity and infrastructure agency (CISA), election security.
Biden administration (who is inheriting from his predecessor Trump's aggressive Iran-focused social media campaign that dramatically boosted US engagement with Iranians or other radical leaders such as John Bolton and Brian Hook) shifts a policy of "Maximum Pressure" to "gradual influential process" over cultural interests as well as sport and technological communications through relying on social tensions and economic gaps, the report added.


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