Imam Khamenei's recommendation for those deprived of participating in Itikaf

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the recommendations issued by the National Committee on Combating Corona, the spiritual event of Itikaf (religious seclusion in the Mosque) will not be held throughout the country this year as well.

Given the circumstances, the head of the Central Headquarters for Itikaf addressed a letter to the Leader of the Revolution asking for his recommendation for those who had the intention of participating in Itikaf but were deprived of this grace. In response to his letter, Imam Khamenei made a recommendation for all those who are fond of the spiritual event of Itikaf so that they can take advantage of the month of Rajab’s Ayam al-Bayd this year. The text of his recommendation, which is being published by KHAMENEI.IR, is as follows:

In His Name
This year too, many worshipers are deprived of the virtuous act of Itikaf (religious seclusion in the Mosque). Therefore, I recommend performing the Ja'far Tayyar Prayer* each of these three days.

Sayyid Ali Khamenei


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