Nuclear mass destruction: The American way, not Iran’s

Well, some people – including the international Zionist clown- constantly say that they will not allow us to build a nuclear weapon, but who are you to prevent Iran from building a nuclear weapon?

If we had decided to build a nuclear weapon, then you and powers greater than you would not have been able to stop us. But we have not decided to do so because of our Islamic thinking. Our Islamic thinking says that a weapon which is used for killing civilians, non-military people and ordinary people is forbidden.
It is forbidden whether it is a nuclear weapon, chemical weapon or other such weapon. Such weapons are forbidden. It is because of the Islamic viewpoint that we do not want to build a nuclear weapon. However, if we had wanted to do so, who are you to prevent us? You yourselves do not observe these principles. In one day, the US massacred 220,000 people [referring to the nuclear bombardment of Japanese cities]. It is five years now that in Yemen, airplanes that are equipped by westerners have been bombarding the people in the streets, in market places, in mosques, in hospitals and in schools. They are killing ordinary people and besieging the people. This is what they are doing. However, the Islamic Republic does not accept this method or outlook. Therefore, we never think of building a nuclear weapon, but we will do other things. Our enrichment will not be limited to 20%. If needed, we may bring it to 60% for nuclear propulsion or other things. We will move forward according to our needs. Now, they have signed an agreement with a specific timeline but not generally speaking.


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