Goals and consequences of America negotiation with Taliban

According to the Public Relations Office, U.S. officials claim that negotiations with Taliban Group have been put on their agenda to maintain stability and security, the Office of Political Studies said. The talks aimed to pressure the Afghan government and weaken it in order to get points required by the Americans for "staying in Afghanistan", the Office of Political Studies added.

Accordingly, the U.S. prepares a way for its long-term presence in Afghanistan through the establishment of military bases and persuading the Afghan government to adopt a strategic agreement with it. Also, America will keep its influence on power structure of the country through Taliban's involvement in the government and continuing contacts with it.

Afghanistan security situation not only has been improved but also has been worse after the negotiations by rising Taliban violence and terrors, the Office of Political Studies emphasized.

The report indicates the U.S. intention to leave southern Afghanistan for Taliban in the framework of a compromise represents that it can lead to breakdown Afghanistan and will be a factor for the escalation of tension and instability in the region.
(The full text of the report is attached.)


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