The evaluation of: "America and Europe human rights sanctions against Iran"

Majlis Research Center studied America and Europe sanctions against Iran on human rights in a report.

 According to the Public Relations Office, America and Europe have stressed on human rights sanctions as smart sanctions to force Islamic Republic of Iran to give a privilege and adopt the passive policy on political areas, particularly nuclear and human rights under human rights pressures and allegations, the Office of Political Studies said.
 Accordingly, human rights pressures against Iran are sometimes applied through formal and informal positions of governments such as sanctions against resolutions and sometimes, through resolutions and statements by international human rights institutions such as the UN Human Rights Council, Amnesty International, and Human Rights Watch.
 Human rights sanctions as an effective way to strike a national reputation in the region and the world and also create a gap between the government and people and distrust in the domestic environment are imposed, the report stated.
 In this regard the West tries to prepare a good way for political and social dissatisfaction and protests in the future and reduce internal power based on the popular support of the rule to take advantage of this tactic for its own interests in time by destroying political confidence in the country.
 Accordingly, it is necessary to know the status of human rights sanctions against Iran in America's strategy at this time to adopt a convenient and efficient solution to manage the opportunities and challenges we face in the current circumstances. (The full text of the report is attached.)


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