Iranian conference on legal environment of business

 Congress' legal environment of business in Iran will be held in July 2012 by Majlis  Research Center and the Chamber of Commerce, and Industries and Mines of Iran.
 Interested researchers are invited to participate in this conference needs to deliver their abstracts to business environment studies groups until 15 April, 2012.
 After approving the proposal, a contract will be signed with the author for writing the article. Submission deadline will be end of June 2012. Selected papers will be published in Journal Special Issue of Majlis Research Center and will be presented at the conference.
 Topics are as follows:
  -The analysis of the quantity and quality of regulation effects on the business environment in Iran
  - Legislative and regulatory requirements to improve business environment
  - Economic analysis of regulation in the areas of corporate law and bankruptcy
  - The assessment of regulatory burden effect on various areas of business environment
 *) The purpose of the regulation is the general term and includes legislation, regulations, and circulars and as such. As the mentioned is the Act or regulations adopted by the government, the words "laws", "bylaws", and etc should be used explicitly in the article instead of "regulation" means general.
 **) The purpose of regulatory burden is restrictive effect of regulation on managing businesses or more accurately, government intervention and influence in the business … and costs, including compliance and consistent with regulatory requirements, tax collection, and etc for the firms.


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