The role of the fight against economic crimes in economic jihad Year

 Will inform Majlis Research Center and the police (NAJA) intends to hold a joint conference entitled "The role of the fight against economic crimes in the economic jihad year".
  - Legal requirements and needs to combat economic crimes, the definition of economic crime and its instances from the perspective of laws and regulations,
  - Challenges, obstacles, and legal shortcomings to fight against economic crimes (speculation, embezzlement, and etc…),
  - Legal and economic impact of regulations on economic crimes, the role and legal status of police in the fight against economic crimes,
  - Legal structure of the police to combat economic crimes,
  - Legal opportunities and challenges of the police presence in the fight against economic crimes
  - Comparative study of laws, regulations, and police powers to combat economic crimes in different countries.
 Conference Time: June 2012
 Abstracts (maximum two pages) should be sent till 13 April 2012 and accepted articles should be sent till 5 May 2012 to the following address:


Conference, Crimes, Economic, Fight, Police