Islamic awareness is result of Quds Day

 Stating that the core of the resistance formed in Jerusalem, Islamic awareness and decline of puppet dictators in Arabic nations are the result of Quds Day, Chairman of Councils and Internal Affairs of the Ninth Parliament said.
 In an interview with political correspondent of Islamic Consultative Assembly News Agency, Amir Khojasteh reminded that Quds Day was called “Islam Day” by Imam Khomeini and Islam is promising of the victory of truth over falsehood, he said.
 Quds is the revival of the weak and fading oppressors, representative from Famenin and Hamadan in Parliament stated. Imam Khomeini had decided to demonstrate Muslim unity by calling the day, “Islam Day”, he added.
 After calling the Day, a good something was happened that the Palestinian was hopeful to be supported the participation of the world’s Muslims in Quds Day rallies and in contrast, the Zionist regime of Israel met the real resistance of Muslim nations through hearing the chanting “Down with the America and Israel on this day. The core of the resistance was formed by Quds Day, he expressed.
 Stating that the participation of people in Quds Day rallies undermined the Zionist regime foundations, the core of resistance was formed by the Quds Day and showed themselves well, the fundamentalist representative of the ninth parliament said.
 If today the resistance stands against Israel army in southern Lebanon and wins because the Quds Day enlivens the resistance group and is a result of moral and spiritual support of Muslims from the poor in the world on Quds Day, he explained.
 Stating that the moment, the resistance groups operate in all Muslim countries and Islamic awareness and decline of puppet dictators of Arabic nations is result of Quds Day, Khojasteh discussed.
 The support and victory of the world’s poor over oppressors are other result of the Quds Day, the representative of the ninth parliament pointed out. A day that Islam with all power is manifested, profanity is eliminated and the Muslim victory is demonstrated, he continued.
 Large participation of the world’s Muslims in the Quds Day rallies this year was predicted by Chairman of Councils and Parliamentary Internal Affairs Commission. Because many of the region’s dictators have been fallen and the oppressors have been overthrown as a result of Quds Day, the Quds Day rallies will be held more gloriously this year, he said.


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