Dr. Jalali: Majlis Research Center is not a center for the statement of the system weaknesses

Stating that the center is not a center for the statement of the system weaknesses, the center is going to criticize fairly that can eliminate the weaknesses with offering practical strategies so decry an organization or institution is not the center’s goal, the Head of Majlis Research Center said.
According to the Public Relations Office of Majlis Research Center, Dr. Kazem Jalali that spoke with the deputies, directors and experts of the center at the meeting added that Majlis Research Center’s goal is to consider the expediency of the system that accordingly, it follows its work and research topics.
Research Deputies and Studies Offices of the Center should develop their expertise so that conceptually, the next year developments can be predicted by offering their strategies, he emphasized. Studies that are only descriptive, their performance will be not adequate efficiently, he expressed.
Addressing to the Majlis Research Center staff, “Your experts and directors feed government powers and agencies intellectually therefore apparently, the center may be seen so small and humbled but in fact, plays a critical role in providing advanced plans”, the parliament representative from Shahrood said.
In fact, the center feeds Islamic Consultative Assembly intellectually so the research works must be efficient and up to date, Jalali said.
He asked deputies and directors to monitor agencies and inform the representatives about the Iranian current issues in order to use monitoring leverages to advance the regime interests in research and scientific affairs and in these cases, they must be more serious why the center is very impressive.
At the meeting, we consider to upgrade the center’s research departments, the Head of Majlis Research Center sincerely told. Then, after the summer recess of Parliament we will have the meeting with the Board of Trustees for this purpose.
Research departments that are formed in the center include departments of political and legal, economic and budget, cultural and social, infrastructure, manufacturing and energy, of course, the formation of these departments is subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees of Islamic Consultative Assembly, he said.
The purpose of forming these departments is that researches will be done professionally and more qualitatively and on the other hand, study offices will be under the supervision of these departments that researchers can look into the issues more professionally but it takes time, Jalali pointed out.
In another part of his speech at the meeting, you must maintain fidelity in your works, he noted. Also we are all as soldiers of research protection of the system and are responsible for doing researches and maintaining data integrity, he said.
The Head of Majlis Research Center criticized the unethical behavior of some people that reflect the head’s meetings with the MPs and VIPs in the media badly. Moreover, here is a research center where must do professional works not marginally as well as the personality of the knowledgeable and the experienced who come to the center also the center shouldn’t be compromised, he said.
Stating the note that Majlis Research Center is not a political club that political activities are done instead of research works; in case of repetition of such behavior, the offenders will be dealt with seriously, he asserted.
Following the meeting, the Majlis Research Center staff shared their opinions with the head of the center.
It can be said that in order to explain his plans, the Head of Majlis Research Center held the meeting with the staff of the center on Tuesday.


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