Jalali: Chairman of the NAM is a great honor for Iran/ defeat of the enemies of the Islamic Revolution

Urging Iran’s chairman of the NAM was a great honor, the extensive presence of senior government officials in Tehran were an important consideration, the Head of Majlis Research Center said.
In an interview with Mehr news Agency correspondent, Kazem Jalali expressed his satisfaction with the Iranian success for authorities in other countries attended in the NAM Summit held in Tehran. Our enemies tried the officials of other countries not to come to Iran but they failed and it is an honor for Iran, he added.
Throughout the world, usually in international meetings, one-fourth to one-third of senior government officials attend in but this participation in Tehran was unique, the parliament representative from Shahrood and Miami said.
Iran’s success to hold the NAM Summit proved that the enemies are always being planned against us but the God is greater and help us, he stressed.
The NAM Summit held in Tehran was another setback for the Islamic Revolution enemies, the Head of Majlis Research Center pointed out.
Political and economic achievements of the NAM Summit assessed very critical by Jalali and we thanks to God that we live in an era of the history of Great Iran that the government is Islamic and its leadership is a Shiite and jurisprudece, Jalali said.
He pointed to the Islamic awareness in the region and said that all the enemies of Islam tried to silence the voice of the awareness of nations but failed.
Certainly, our people, Imam Khomeini and the regime of Islamic Republic of Iran are Islamic rise and movement in the region, the parliament representative from Shahrood and Miami noted.
Jalali pointed to the NAM Summit and said the enemies imagined that can stop attending the government officials and VIPs of countries at the summit but see how deep the meeting was attended by officials.
At the end, the NAM Summit held in Tehran showed that the Iran’s enemies have been defeated, the Head of Majlis Research Center said.


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