A decision-making meeting for stance against unilateral action of Canadian government attended by Larijani

 In the afternoon session of Parliament attended by Larijani, the member of Fundamentalist Supreme Leader Followers Fraction said that the action of Canadian government was reviewed.
 In an interview with the parliamentary correspondent of Reporters Club, AbdolReza Azizi referred to the meeting of the fraction and said: “Today, Central Council of the Fraction held a meeting on results of Non-Aligned Movement Summit in Tehran at 14pm.
 Decision for stance against unilateral action of Canadian government on the closure of the Iranian embassy in the country as well as the current issues was another thing of the fraction’s today meeting, he added.
 Referring to the Larijani’s attendance at today afternoon meeting, Larijani as a member of Central Council and one of the most influential and important members of the Fraction attended at the meeting today, he pointed.


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