No country should grant asylum to members of the MKO terrorist cult

Iranian Parliament National Security and Foreign Policy Spokesman said that the MKO is a terrorist cult and no asylum should be granted for its members by States.
In an interview with the parliamentary correspondent of Reporters Club, referring to the transfer of all members of MKO Cult to “Camp Liberty”, Iranian Parliament Representative from Varamin, Seyed Hossein Naqavi said that the MKO Cult is a terrorist group and all its crimes against humanity has been recorded in the records of crimes of this group.
No event could have a role in reducing the culpability and responsibility of the members of the terrorist group because many innocent people killed by their heinous actions and world public opinions refer to them as criminals, he added.
Preparing the ground for terrorist group activities is contrary to international laws and various countries shouldn’t grant asylum to members of the MKO terrorist group, spokesman of National Security Committee pointed out.


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