We have prepared a draft law on presidential elections

A draft law on presidential law has been prepared, the Head of Majlis Research Center said.

According to the parliamentary correspondent of Fars Agency News, on Monday, 17 Sep. 2012, the Head of Majlis Research Center told reporters concerning the issue of foreign currency, we need a harmony between all parts of the country and I don’t think this relationship needs to legislation.
Some officials believed that the legislator should talk to the issue of foreign currency market but this issue should be resolved consistently within the government and in this regard, the government will be more effective, he added.
Mutation and increase causes in the price of the currency should be measured and of course the media and psychological warfare were effective in this case, also the action must be taken by agencies but not done; Majlis Research Center has discussed on these issues in detail, Jalali continued.

According to the Majlis Research Center, with a coordination and consistency with the government, a part of the problem can be reduced, but I think all problems can be solved this way is impossible, the Head of Majlis Research Center said.
Also, Majlis Research Center has taken some measures on the issues of foreign currency market and resistive economy that God willing announce in a press conference soon, Jalali added.
About Majlis Research Center actions on election law, “we have completed a draft of the election law and will be available the parliament representatives and Councils Committee, but the general election law needs more work going on”, he said.


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