At the meeting with Chairman of Education and Research Committee of the Parliament, Kazem Jalali said:

The structure of Majlis Research Center is changing

 At the meeting of Kazem Jalali, Head of Majlis Research Center, with Mohammad Mahdi Zahedi, Chairman of Education and Research committee of Iranian Parliament, changes in the structure were emphasized. 
 According to the Public Relations Office of Majlis Research Center, at the meeting with presiding board of education and research committee; Dr. Kazem Jalali referred to the structure of the center and said the first structure of Center has been based on President, Vice President and two Deputies: Research and Executive, but according to officials and experts of majlis research center, its structure should be changed.
It is necessary to revise the structure of Majlis Research Center, the parliament representative from Shahrood said. A three-month license taken by the Board of Trustees of Majlis Research Center to form four deputies: political and legal, economic, cultural and social and infrastructure as Research Deputy, Jalali expressed.
The formation of the four deputies doesn’t mean the complete revision of the center’s structure. After the formation of four research deputies, post offices, organizational chart and the center will be reorganized, he added.
One of the strengths of the Ninth Parliament is powerful and expert MPs. Majlis Research Center has a Board of Trustees is that the Presiding Board of Parliament and can be used of other MPs in the Center’s Research Council, Head of Majlis Research Center pointed out.
In the case the five most influential and scientific figures of the representatives to join in the Center’s Research Council, they can increase the efficiency of Majlis Research Center, he added.
If in some cases there are legal gaps that should be identified and help the legislature to fill them, he said.
The Member of National Security and Foreign Policy Committee emphasized on the need to review some rules rags and noted if you counter with a bunch of rules, the issue will be needed to expurgate.
Stating to improve the monitoring of MPs must be considered the alternative, Head of Majlis Research Center said: “of course, this requires expertise and arrange fields are required.”
Jalali criticized the lack of trained manpower at universities to suit the needs of the market and said: “unfortunately, the tendency to give degree at universities has no result except unemployment; if Education and Research Committee and Majlis Research Center take actions on this field, they will do a great job.”
Following the meeting, Mohammad Mahdi Zahedi said: “changing this structure should be such that the approach to education and technology is taken into consideration more than ever.”
MPs have little opportunity for expert works, he said. We hope that the center work well so that the parliament representatives can ask expert topics from it, he added.
He emphasized the need to revise some of the rules and reminded that for example, if about learning the skills make a necessary revision and will also be considered in Civil Management Services Code, part of our unemployment problem is solved.
Zahedi considered this issue that in many countries, 30 percent of training is academic and 70 percent are skills. Unfortunately, in our country 87 percent of training is academic and only 13 percent is skill, he said.
But if a person has skill training, he/she will never stay unemployed and this is very dangerous that educated people are unemployed, chairman of national security and foreign policy committee said.
The parliament representative from Kerman and Ravar noted in order to establish skills committee under Education and Research Committee of Parliament for the first time said all MPs and Majlis Research Center must assist in creating a new view on skills training.
In the meeting, Dr. Javad Heravi, First Vice Chairman of Education and research Committee said that Majlis Research Center is as the heart of Islamic Consultative Assembly (Iranian Parliament) and this center has a very serious impact, but its structures must be changed.
The parliament representative from Qaenat and Zirkouh asserted that the research should be based on deep consideration. Expert labor, convincing budgeting, guiding structure and location are the things that can cause a change in the structure of Majlis Research Center, he added.
Strengthening Majlis Research center is as strengthening the legislature and we must act in such a way that research is done infrastructurally, Heravi said.
Research areas of Majlis Research Center should be strengthened more and more and it should be so powerful that can overshadow other research centers of our country, First Vice Chairman of Education and Research Committee of Parliament added.
In the ninth parliament, more than 40 percent of representatives have higher than PhD degrees. Therefore, effective interaction of Majlis Research Center with representatives can be lead to the fundamental tasks, he expressed.


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