Jalali told reporters:

Stability in the currency market is top priority of Iranian government and parliament

Stating that the delay in the decision was the negative factors affecting the fluctuation, stability of foreign exchange market is top priority of the parliament and government, Head of Majlis Research Center said.
According to the public Relations Office of Majlis Research Center, Kazem Jalali referred to the upcoming presidential elections in open session of the parliament on Sunday and told reporters “no one should think only his/her own interests because the president wants vice-president, secretary and governor, yet it must be said that the next president is not easy.”
Fundamentalists can reach an agreement on the upcoming presidential elections and how to govern the country, Head of Majlis Research Center expressed. We must take action so that someone who appointed as the president can use all power for more unity and progress of the nation because all power of the country should be used to manage it, he added.
In response to the question quoted you, “saying that Ali Larijani is option of Fundamentalists Supreme Leader Followers Fraction for the president”, he said that in an interview with the correspondent that he asked me what do you think about Dr. Larijani; in response to his question, I asked him “he is worthy person who is capable, but it is not clear whether he is a candidate for presidential elections or not.”
Syrian people should decide the fate of Syria
In response to a question about the UN Syria envoy’s visit to Tehran, Head of Majlis Research Center said our position towards Syria is quite clear, but we believe that the Syrian people should determine the destiny of Syria as they have been determined. The Syrian people will resist against conflict of those who taken up arms and working against the Syria state and nation.
In answer to the question: How can democracy be established in Syria with weapons and destruction? , he said Syrians allowed maintaining their territorial integrity and non-interference of foreigners.
It would be imprudent to the currency issue
In response to a question about recent fluctuations in the exchange, Head of Majlis Research Center said as we studied currency fluctuations in the Majlis Research Center, we think it would be imprudent to the exchange discussion because it was necessary for pressure pumping market in two periods, but was not.
Some people took advantage of currency fluctuations to get your finance but streams media took action to stress the foreign exchange market, Jalali said.
In answer to the question about illegal activities in exchange, jalali said: “Unfortunately, some financial enterprises involved in foreign exchange market that it is not one of the reasons of currency fluctuations why was the subject, but all security systems pursued measures of financial enterprises.
About question for the president and holding a joint meeting of Fundamentalists Fraction with Fundamentalist Supreme Leader Fraction, he said some representatives suggested that presiding board of two fractions have a meeting with each other for question of the president and what to do because signatories are members of both fractions, he said.
His respective fraction has ready to hold a joint meeting with Fundamentalists Frcation to consider the question for the president, Chairman of Fundamentalists Supreme Leader Followers stated.


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