Iranian Parliamentary Delegation to Canada to Attend the 127th IPU Assembly

Iran’s response to the Canadian Foreign Minister’s anti-Iranian remarks at IPU Assembly

One member of the Iranian Parliamentary delegation to the 127th IPU Assembly responded to anti-Iran remarks of the Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs
According to the Public Relations Office of Majlis Research Center, Iranian delegation participated in the 127th Inter-Parliamentary (IPU) Assembly responded to the Canadian foreign minister’s remarks about Iran.
Kazem Jalali, a member of the National Security and Foreign Policy Commission and a member of the Delegation, in response to John Baird’s claim, the Canadian Foreign Minister, that threaten the peace and security of the International community by Iran said: “Islamic Republic of Iran has always focus on two issues on nuclear energy simultaneously: first, as a member of the NPT meets all international norms secondly, Iran does not retreat from its inalienable rights to achieve peaceful nuclear technology under the NPT.”
Unfortunately, the intervention of the great powers on Iran’s nuclear issue is a major impediment to solving the problem, he continued.
In response to other claim of the Canadian Foreign Minister on violation of minority rights that Baha’i religious minority has been oppressed in Iran, the member of the delegation to Canada reminded that respect the rights of formal religious minorities has been anticipated in the Constitution of Islamic Republic of Iran from the beginning of Islamic Revolution and continues.
Also, the Baha’is in Iran is not a religious minority, they are a political cult without identity and supported by some powers to intervene in the internal affairs of Iran, he said.
The Islamic Republic of Iran, based on teachings of Islam respects all religions and prophets and is not against Judaism and Christianity, but our opposition is to occupation and oppression; we support freedom too, Jalali pointed out.
Zionist regime is a perfect example of occupation and oppression in the era, he added.
In other parts of his response to the criticism of the Canadian government not to issue visas for some members to attend the 127th IPU Assembly in Quebec, a member of Human Rights Commission of Parliamentary Representatives of Inter-Parliamentary Union said: “Canadian Foreign Affairs Minister while speaking monitories’ rights in Iran that has ignored rights of some countries and their representatives of parliaments to attend the IPU Assembly.”
He should be held accountable in this regard because under the rules of the World Inter-Parliamentary Union, host country has no right to prevent the EU member states to attend the Assembly with no visa, he added.


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