Dr. Jalali: Iran has not suspended enrichment of 20% uranium/ parliament representatives has the right to put a question to the president

Head of Majlis Research Center said abstraction is not right; all representatives should perform their duties avoiding marginalization and why regulations should be interpreted as a member of other executive agencies by some MPs? he stressed.
Kazem Jalali in an open session of parliament Sunday (04 Nov. 2012) among reporters said, about the question of the president and the presiding board must ask its board. A number of representatives urged the board to put a question to the president.
According to ICANA, marginalization of the representatives’ role is the question, the parliament representative from Shahrood stated. Why rules and regulations are interpreted to the detriment of representatives by some officials even MPs.
Putting a question to the president has the right to parliament representatives and it should be raised in a quiet space away from the political tensions, he emphasized.
Unfortunately, in the eighth parliament we saw regulations were interpreted in favor of other executives by some representatives, it is regrettable; of course I will not comment on individuals but everyone should fulfill his main duties and now it is better to think of improving of our country rather than politicization, Jalali added.
Concerning the issue of abstraction or withdrawal of a group of parliament representatives from participating in an open session, Head of Majlis Research Center said this is not right because the representatives should do their duties. Also about Iran’s nuclear activities, a Member of National Security and Foreign Policy Commission of Iranian Parliament said: “Iran within the framework of international regulations and IAEA rules as declared before, enrichment of 20% uranium puts on its agenda.”


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