At Majlis Research Center:

Jalali Met with Head of Statistical Center of Iran

The meeting of Head and Officials of Statistical Center of Iran with Dr. Jalali, Head of Majlis Research Center was held at Majlis Research Center to discuss about their cooperation.

According to the Public Relations Office, Dr. Adel Azar, Head of Statistical Center of Iran, deputies and experts of the center who attended at the meeting of Majlis Research Center discussed with Dr. Jalali, head of majlis research center.

According to the report, at the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Adel Azar described the capabilities of Statistical Center of Iran (SCI) and provided some statistical indicators of the center, statistics and how to exchange statistical data with other agencies upon requests and needs of the country and said the statistical center with access to a variety of statistical discussions and classify the data according to the rules works with centers and institutions.

Statistical Center of Iran is ready to cooperate and develop relationships with Majlis Research Center which has been linked with Parliament and attempts to meet statistical needs of the parliament, he added.

Following the meeting between the officials and experts of Majlis Research Center and officials of Statistical Center of Iran to exchange ideas, Kazem Jalali said with a formation of working group to fully meet the needs of both sides, sign a memorandum understanding between the two centers in the coming weeks to exchange information between the two centers as well as the parties can make use of each others’ capabilities.


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