The Office of Political Studies of Majlis Research Center:

Supreme Leader’s Positions on Sanctions and Nuclear Diplomacy of Islamic Republic of Iran

Majlis Research Center reviewed Supreme Leader’s positions on sanctions and nuclear diplomacy of Islamic Republic of Iran.
According to the Public Relations Office of Majlis Research Center, one of the necessary steps for the software management of Iranian nuclear diplomacy is operational survey invoking upstream documents and the Supreme Leader’s guidelines and diplomatic negotiations horizon with P5+1, sanctions and military threats are three components that known as the system of nuclear diplomacy strategy, the Office of Political Studies noted.
Some advantages of Supreme Leader’s positions on the part of nuclear diplomacy and sanctions outlined are including:
- Track-laying in the path of Iranian nuclear diplomat, especially in critical situations,
- Prevention from Island Politics,
- Preparing the ground for the Iranian Nuclear Policy Perspective Document for 2025,
- Clearing red line on Iran’s nuclear diplomacy in future negotiations with P5+1,
- Strengthening the cohesion of thought – a procedure between the relevant structures, the report adds.
According to the report, one of the reasons for the Iranian regime success of the withdrawal of the critical security-political situation was the Supreme Leader’s role in the fields which are directly targeted national security system.
In the years 1978-1989, Imam Khomeini had a prominent role in suppression of political intrigues and military crises. The leadership role of Imam Khomeini in strategic management of the crisis was that the hypocrites and opponents of the regime were planning. After the death of Imam Khomeini and the lack of leadership, they provided an introduction to create crisis, but the election of the most competent leader by Assembly of Experts in the shortest time, prevented threats from the leadership absence.
The report concluded that the Supreme Leader assessed one of the priorities of nuclear diplomacy is to take operational steps for the universal nuclear disarmament and focused on the full enforcement of NPT (Non-Proliferation Treaty) provisions.
For example, in his message to the International Conference on Disarmament ( ) said,
“The biggest violators of the NPT are the powers that are also violated their obligations under Article (6) of NPT for nuclear disarmament in the vertical and horizontal proliferation of weapons as well as outran the others and with their helps, including arming the Zionist regime’s nuclear weapons and supporting the regime’s policies for the real proliferation of these weapons, played direct role in violating its obligations under Article (1) of NPT and the Middle East and the world are faced with a serious threat.”


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